Monday, July 6, 2009

The Takeaway - PRI and WNYC national radio interview

I did a national radio interview from a phone booth in Lisbon, Portugal last week. It was a bit strange but I think it worked out okay. It was a pleasure talking with John Hockenberry, the host of The Takeaway. The picture above is me in a phone booth taking via cell phone to the host. Alison is the BBC producer who is taping me on a digital voice recorder. A bit crude but they got it done. The audio got fixed up in post production by the crack WNYC producers.

The Takeaway, according to Wikipedia:
The Takeaway is a morning drive radio news program co-created and co-produced by PRI- Public Radio International and WNYC-New York Public Radio with editorial partners the BBC World Service of the United Kingdom, The New York Times and WGBH Radio Boston of the United States. In addition to co-producing/co-creating the program, PRI also distributes the program nationwide to its affiliate stations. The program's goal is to advance an authentic American conversation on issues and topics of importance.
You can hear the Takeaway episode here at: